Thursday, October 24, 2013

60IN60 Day 53 - Thurs Oct 24

It's Day 53 and we're in Ezekiel 13.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 7 - Sometimes people claim God is speaking through them when they're actually just making things up.  We need to evaluate carefully messages that are purported to be from God.

- Verse 4 - That is, animals that scavenge among ruins, feasting on dead bodies.
- Verses 10-15 - The wall analogy is basically that rather than building a solid (spiritual) wall with their teaching, they are building a weak wall that has plaster to look good.
- Verse 18, 20 - Probably references to human sacrifice, which (sadly) happened at some points in Israel's history.

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Questions You Have:
- "Proverbs 31:6-7 - What do you do with that since it seems to condone drinking?" - Those are challenging verses.  When you take verse 4-7 as a whole, I think the point he's making is this: "If you're a king or person in responsibility, you have nothing to gain from getting drunk because it will mess up your ability to administer your duties; if anyone has reason to get drunk, it'd the dying or disillusioned, who at least gets a temporary reprieve from his problem."  I don't take that to say that getting drunk is a good thing even for those in the second category, but rather just noting that by comparison at least they get something out of the experience.
- "Most of the time the focus is on the Characteristic of a Noble Woman but the first sayings of Lemual offer wisdom regarding promiscuity as well as focus on the needy.   While certainly there are verse that seem amiss to Christian theology, they are in the Bible.  How do we deal with them?" - That's a very wide question, but the general answer is this: if my theology and what the Bible says are in conflict, then my theology needs to change.

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