Sunday, May 25, 2014

60IN60 Day 21 - Sun May 25

It's Day 21 and we're in Genesis 29.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 32 - Such dysfunction.

- Verse 10 - As stated before, it was fairly common back then to take your spouse from your extended family.  Most people lived in relatively small groups that necessitated this.
- Verse 11 - The kiss here was not a romantic one, but one of greeting (probably on the cheeks).
- Verses 18-19 - Back then the family had much more say in determining who a woman married.
- Verse 23 - Presumably much drinking had gone on before this, making this mistake in the dark possible.
- Verse 31 - As stated before, God isn't normally the one actively orchestrating fertility issues like this.  This is different because of the historical importance of this family.

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Your Comments:
- "It is astounding to me that at my advanced age I am still learning.  I am referring to the fact that I have discovered that by reading the passages aloud I am not in the least distracted as I was when I silently read with my mind.  I even feel God's presence more often than not as I read aloud with deep feeling and worship.  Thank you Pastor Jim for your continuing dedication to the 60 in 60 series."

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