Wednesday, September 10, 2014

60IN60 Day 10 - Wed Sept 10

It's Day 10 and we're in John 5.
Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 13 - Most healers would gather a big crowd and publicize what they did.  Jesus quietly does it, then slips away without telling the man His name.  I like it.
- Verse 18 - We use the term "Father" so often in prayer that we take it for granted, but that was not something the Jews back then did.  They considered Jesus using that term to be provocative.
- Verse 29 - This is not saying that we're not saved by grace, but rather that our actions are going to reveal the true state of our heart - whether we've been changed or not.
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Your Comments:
- "Regarding your discussion of "belief." A woman with whom I grew up and I were friends for friends from middle school til our mid or late 20s, then just sort of grew apart. She grew up going to church occasionally and "got saved" as a young elementary student. She grew up in a terribly abusive home, and I tried to have a conversation with her in our early 20s, and again in our mid 30s, about the difference b/t being saved and just stating the sinner's prayer. She admitted she was afraid of giving God the "driver's seat" of her life b/c she can't trust anyone, yet truly believes she is saved. She gave an example of when she drops her Bible, she apologizes to God b/c she feels guilty, and she keeps it dusted, but she never reads it. It makes me very sad. I continue to pray that she'll figure out the difference and come to let Jesus be Lord in her life."

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