Thursday, March 18, 2021

60IN60 Day 18 - Thurs Mar 18

It's Day 18 and we're in Acts 2.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 43 - I'd like to see more of that "awe" today.

If you want to read the chapter online, here's a link.

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Your Questions and Comments:
- "Acts 1. Reading today in last half of  verse 25 Peter is saying 'Show us which of these 2 you have chosen for us to take over this "apostolic ministry"'.  Is Peter referring to the 11 apostles  continuing the ministry of Jesus?   I googled apostolic ministry (probably not the best place to do so but they referred to the 5 fold ministries in Ephesians 4:11-13.    Then it went on talking about the apostolic ministry in today's times. Just read the March 14th Sunday School lesson on King Solomon and it was great, so much was brought out that I never thought about.  I mostly thought his downfall was not obeying God's commands and his marrying women who did not follow God.  My eyes were opened how King Solomon relates to me and my Christian life." - In Acts 1 the disciples are replacing Judas, who had killed himself.  In talking about "apostolic ministry" in that context, we are talking about the ministry of the 12 (or 11) apostles.  One interesting thing about that Acts 1 passage is that the apostles decide to replace Judas, but then both of their replacement candidates are never heard of again in the Bible, while Acts highlights Paul throughout.  It makes me wonder if the apostles jumped ahead of what God had planned, since the Bible doesn't say that they asked God about making that choice.

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