Saturday, September 17, 2022

60IN60 Day 13 - Sat Sept 17

It's Day 13 and we're in 1 Corinthians 6.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verses 9-10 - It strikes me that out of this list of sins we would likely first note that homosexuals are listed, given our current political battles.  We're not nearly as likely to note that "covetous" are in there too, since that's a sin that almost all of us are committing.

- Verse 1, 4-6 - Paul teaches that we should not sue other Christians in public court.  Instead, the church should find a wise person within the congregation to decide the matter.  Sadly, I do not know of a single instance of this being obeyed.
- Verses 2-3 - We will be part of ruling with Christ.
- Verse 7 - There are bigger things that losing a little money.
- Verse 13 - The issue here was food sacrificed to idols.  Paul notes that both the food and our earthly stomachs will someday be gone (when we die).  Our focus instead needs to be on the larger question of honoring God with all we do.
- Verse 15 - Having the Spirit within us, we are the Temple of God.  To go to a prostitute, we'd be physically uniting the Temple of God with a prostitute.
- Verse 18 - Sexual sin is different because our physical bodies are involved in the act of committing the sin.

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