Friday, May 10, 2013

60IN60 Day 5 - Fri May 10

It's Day 5 and we're in Luke 5.

Sometimes things get busy and you miss a day or two.  Don’t get discouraged and quit.  Just lay aside those readings you missed and jump in with today’s reading.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 6 - When God sends a harvest, it's abundant.  I want to see that kind of abundant harvest in our church.

- Verse 11, 27-28 - They had heard Jesus before.  This was not following-a-stranger deal.
- Verse 17 - Apparently the faith that the people had (or didn't have) impacted His ability to heal.
- Verse 35 - We should be fasting regularly, but almost none of us do.
- Verses 36-39 - He's saying that He's come to do a new thing and He's not going to just try to patch up the old.

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Questions And Comments You Have:
- "If they were amazed at the 12 year old Jesus at the temple, I wonder
what the questions were that He asked.... maybe ones about the Messiah
and OT Scripture?"
- Not sure, but I do wonder if He asked ones that were sufficiently deep that they often couldn't answer.

- "Re: Luke 4:24. I have a cousin who is an ordained Methodist minister. While he was head pastor of a church, a woman there had been ill for years. No doctor could figure out what was wrong with her (I don't remember her symptoms). During one service, my cousin felt God tell him to ask the woman to come up front for healing. He laid his hands on her, prayed for her, and she was healed. The church elders fired my cousin b/c that church does not believe in the gift of healing. I thought of that situation when reading that no prophet will be accepted in his home town. I'm proud of my cousin for doing what God told him to do, and using the gift God gave him, regardless of what the elders believe. I'm sure the woman is grateful as well."

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