Saturday, April 19, 2014

60IN60 Day 48 - Sat Apr 19

It's Day 48 and we're in Luke 17.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 6 - I want to have earth-moving faith.

- Verses 7-10 - These verses are tied back to verses 4-5.  The point of verses 7-10 is that we as servants of God shouldn't be impressed with ourselves when we do what we've been asked.  We should just say, "I've done what I've been asked to do."  That ties into verses 4-5 because there the apostles act like what Jesus is asking of them is too much.  It would be easy, in moving forward and fulfilling Christ's command, to think highly of yourself for doing something so great.  Jesus essentially says that we should not be impressed with ourselves, but just say that we are doing what we were asked.
- Verse 19 - It's unclear whether "your faith has made you well" is a reference back to the physical healing or if in that moment Christ gave him spiritual healing.
- Verses 34-36 - Some take this as a rapture reference.  Others as a reference to persecution.

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Your Comments:
- "Unity appears again and again. You'd think we would finally get it."

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