Monday, October 24, 2022

60IN60 Day 50 - Mon Oct 24

It's Day 50 and we're in 1 Samuel 13.

An encouragement as you read today: "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever" (Isaiah 40:8). 

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verses 11-12 - We always have excuses for our disobedience.  Sometimes they're really good ones, but it's still disobedience.

- Verse 13 - This seems harsh, but God wanted someone who would trust Him and obey Him.

If you want to read the chapter online, here's a link.

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Your Questions and Comments:
- "I Cor. 9 - It's sad how many professing Christians voice their disapproval of different means of spreading the Gospel.  For example, a bible translation other than KJV (unless you can read Hebrew and Greek, all versions of the bible are translations).  Or contemporary/praise/gospel rock music (just because we don't know or like the song, doesn't mean the words aren't speaking to someone). Instruments other than the piano and organ (be glad that people are using their musical talents for the Kingdom).  If the time spent complaining was used to spread the Good News, how many more people could we reach for Christ!"
- "Something that I'm confused about and think about whenever I attend a funeral, when we go to a funeral service the minister and people attending say,. 'how wonderful the deceased will be seeing Jesus and their loved ones that have gone before them.'  Just  reading in 1st Corinthians 15 states the dead will be resurrected in to a new body and we have studied when Jesus returns and the trumpet sounds the dead in Christ shall rise first.  Those that have already died how can they see their loved ones gone before them if we are still in the grave when Jesus comes?"There are other opinions on this issue (for instance, some Christians believe in "soul sleep," where the dead are in a state of what you might call hibernation until the return of Christ), but this is what I think the Bible teaches. When we die, we go to heaven ("Absent from the body, present with the Lord"). At that time, we will have a kind of temporary body while we are in heaven. At the return of Christ (when "the dead in Christ shall rise first") we will rise physically from the dead with our resurrection bodies (1 Cor. 15) as part of ruling with Christ on the earth.

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