Friday, February 21, 2014

60IN60 Day 47 - Fri Feb 21

It's Day 47 and we're in Ruth 3.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Nothing really jumped out to me today.  Some days are like that.

- Verses 9-13 - This idea of "redeeming" seems odd to us because we live in a society where marrying for love is the only acceptable idea.  Throughout history, though, marrying for love was a minority idea.

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Your Comments:
- "My best friend's grandfather was a Hungarian immigrant who came to WV well before WWII. He died a few years after immigrating to Logan County. He had a brother who had immigrated to somewhere in Midwestern Canada and was unmarried. When he learned of his brother's death he walked across the U.S.- Canada border, and with a note pinned to his shirt, boarded a train for Logan, WV. He spoke no English. After he arrived in Logan County he married the widow and raised his brother's children and he and the widow had their own children. I didn't know at the time about the kinsman redeemer tradition set forth in scripture, but I was always fascinated by the story my friend recounted to me. This traditional survived well into the 20th century in many places in the world."

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