Saturday, October 15, 2016

60IN60 Day 41 - Sat Oct 15

It's Day 41 and we're in Proverbs 23.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 17 - I think it's easy to envy those deep in sin when we ignore the eventual consequences of those actions.

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Your Comments and Questions:

- "Amy Grant wrote a song about this chapter called "Angels Watching Over Me."  What was Peter wearing in prison if not clothes?  I presume this is the same Herod who was King when Jesus was born. If so, why do you think God waited so long to strike him dead? He did a lot of bad things before this chapter." - On what Peter was wearing, I just presume because this happened in the middle of the night that he had stripped down to his undergarments.  On Herod, it was a different Herod.  There were several who had that name.  We know this because in Matthew 2:19 Jesus and His family return from Egypt after Herod died, so we know that Herod died during Jesus' lifetime.
- "Why do alot of people go by two names, example Acts 12:25 John also goes by Mark and Simon goes by Peter? Is it just where people have the same name so they go by different names?" - In some cases it's because they have two given names and some people use one and some the other.  In others, there is the person's given name and then they have a name given to them because of a spiritual reason (like, for instance, Simon was called Peter by Jesus).

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