Friday, October 20, 2017

60IN60 Day 47 - Fri Oct 20

It's Day 47 and we're in 1 Samuel 10.

One reason to be in the Bible regularly? It helps you avoid nonsense. There are so many different ideas out there today about God. It's important that we base our image of God on who He said He is, not what other people wish He was. 

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 19 - With sadness, God lets us have what we want, even knowing it will hurt us.  We're too stubborn to listen to His warnings.

- Verse 1 - "kissed him" - On the cheeks.
- Verses 6, 9 - Even though God did not want them to go down this path, He was going to do His best to empower Saul to be a good king.
- Verse 19 - God had been their king up to this point, but they wanted a human king like all the other nations.  See chapter 8.
- Verse 22 - Is this comedy or tragedy?  The new king is sufficiently overwhelmed or shy that he is hiding among the baggage.

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