Tuesday, December 5, 2017

60IN60 Day 30 - Tues Dec 5

It's Day 30 and we're in Matthew 22.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 7 - Tough verse, but worthy of pondering as to why God would do that.

- Verse 7 - Verse 6 is a big help in understanding verse 7.  These people had murdered innocents.
- Verse 10 - The point here is that the invitation was widely given, but verse 12 has more to say.
- Verse 12-13 - Some were invited, but didn't make the change needed to come to the wedding.  The analogy would be those who hear the gospel invitation, but never change their lives.  Verse 13 is descriptive of hell.
- Verse 14 - God throws open the opportunity to all, but we must come having received what Christ has done for us.
- Verses 15-16 - The Pharisees and Herodians were natural enemies.  If Jesus said to pay the taxes, the Herodians would turn Him into the Romans as an enemy of the state, preaching rebellion.  If Jesus said to pay the taxes, the Pharisees would tell the people that Jesus was just a patsy for the oppressive Roman rule.  It was designed to be a no-win situation.
- Verse 24 - This was the tradition back then.  I know today that we marry for love and this seems strange to us, but it was the custom.  (And our marrying-for-love system hasn't exactly produced perfect results either.)
- Verse 30 - We will not be married to other humans in the Kingdom to come.
- Verses 41-45 - This is a little puzzle.  David is speaking of the Messiah, who will come after him.  Because David is the older, he should receive the higher honor.  Yet he refers to this Messiah as "Lord."  Why?  The answer is that the Messiah was not just going to be another human, but God incarnate.  That made the Messiah worthy of such an honor.

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