Wednesday, July 25, 2018

60IN60 Day 24 - Wed Jul 25

It's Day 24 and we're in 1 Samuel 20.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Nothing jumped out to me today. There are days like that.

- Verses 17, 41 - Some have tried to make these verses into evidence that Jonathan and David had a homosexual relationship, but that really says more about us and what we're reading into the passage than it does about the passage. Nothing like that is in mind here. Verse 41's "kissed each other" is not a sexual kiss, but the same kind of thing that the New Testament authorizes when it says we can greet each other with a "holy kiss" - i.e. a friendly kiss on the cheek.
- Verses 40-41 - My presumption here is that the sadness of the moment caused Jonathan to abandon his plan and go and have one more conversation with his friend.

Your Comments and Questions:
- "Amen to 1 Samuel 18:14!" 

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