Thursday, September 27, 2018

60IN60 Day 25 - Thurs Sept 27

It's Day 25 and we're in Revelation 7.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 9 - I like the image of the huge multitude, so great that none of us could count it, all worshiping God. That's going to be awesome.

- Verse 1 - "four corners" - Figurative language that just means the ends of the earth.
- Verse 9 - "no one could count" - That means no person could count, not that God is unable to number them.
- Verse 14 - "white in blood" - How can something be made white by putting blood on it? What is being talked about here is the idea that we are forgiven by the blood of Jesus.

If you want to read the chapter online, here's a link.

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Your Comments and Questions:
- "What a power part of scripture. I was very moved this morning while reading 4,5,and 6.  I know there is so much that is not really understood but I do have a question.  Admittedly, I have not done research.  I am hoping you have an answer.  What is the interpretation of Revelations 5:6 the seven spirits of God?" - That is a challenging phrase.  It shows up multiple times in Revelation.  The usual interpretation is that it refers to the Holy Spirit and the seven either refers to the perfection or completeness of the Holy Spirit (since seven is the number of perfection and completeness) or to the fullness of the Holy Spirit (being able to accomplish everything necessary).  Some think speaking of it as "seven-fold" is helpful - that is, thinking of the various things that the Holy Spirit does.

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