Saturday, October 17, 2020

60IN60 Day 41 - Sat Oct 17

 It's Day 41 and we're in Romans 5.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 11 - I don't think we sufficiently appreciate how great the idea is that we've been reconciled with God.

- Verse 3 - This is not to say that we love problems for the sake of having problems, but rather (as the verses that follow reveal) that we appreciate the positive side effects that our struggles can bring in terms of spiritual maturity.
- Verse 13 - Awareness of our guilt is necessary for judgment.
- Verse 20 - As the awareness of our guilt increased, so did the need for grace.

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Your Thoughts and Questions:
- "In Romans 3: 25 does this refer to those who followed God before the death and resurrection on Christ not being judged for their sins but will be in heaven?" - It is a reference to the Old Testament saints who had true faith in God but lived before Jesus' death.  Ultimately, the only means of forgiveness is the cross of Christ.  Because they lived faithfully for God but lived before the cross, God waited until the cross was available to judge them, so they could benefit from the cross.

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