Wednesday, March 31, 2021

60IN60 Day 31 - Wed Mar 31

It's Day 31 and we're in Matthew 23.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 23 - I think Baptists are guilty of this too often: missing the larger issues of justice.

- Verses 6-10 - We need to be careful that we're not getting full egos off the praise of people.
- Verse 13 - The second half of the verse refers to people with genuine spiritual interest who would come to the Pharisees because they were "the religious experts."  The Pharisees' answer would point those people in the wrong direction.
- Verses 30-32 - They were both trying to claim that it was their "fathers" who made up Israel while trying to deny the ancient disobedience those old Israelites did that made God mad.
- Verses 34-35 - Because the Pharisees of Jesus' day had a vantage point to see so much and therefore have so many warnings about disobedience, it makes their guilt greater.

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