Wednesday, February 1, 2023

60IN60 Day 31 - Wed Feb 1

It’s Day 31 and we’re in John 13.

If you struggle with the feeling that you need to hurry through the reading, it can be helpful to lay aside a certain length of time for the reading. "I'm going to spend the next ten minutes reading the Bible. If I get done early, I'll go back and re-read it. If I don't get it done, that's fine. Now I can relax and not try to hurry through so I can get on with the other things I need to get done today. I'm going to be here for ten minutes."

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 2 - He'd been prompted, but it was still his choice. And he chose in the wrong direction.

- Verse 1 - The "full extent of His love" was not the washing of their feet, but the willingness to go to the cross.
- Verses 8-9 - First Peter refuses (v. 8), then Peter draws the wrong lesson (v. 9). What he should have done is simply receive Jesus' word.

If you want to read the chapter online, here’s a link.

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Your Questions and Comments:
- "John 12:40 - I always saw this verse as hard to comprehend. It reads as if God has hardened hearts in some so that they will not believe. As if some people are 'in' the fold and some are 'out'. Yet other scriptures tell us that everyone has the opportunity to believe and accept salvation. Some churches preach predestination, that our salvation is determined for us already; and that's even more difficult to understand." - Those subjects are deep waters. The big picture in trying to interpret these passages fall into two main camps. There are Calvinists who emphasize the predestination element and would say that some are destined to be damned and others to be saved. Alternately, there are Arminians who emphasize that God genuinely offers salvation to everyone and each person has an opportunity to receive it. I am in the latter camp.

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