Friday, March 31, 2023

60IN60 Day 26 - Fri Mar 31

It's Day 26 and we're in Job 1.

Job is the classic story of a righteous man dealing with the unfairness of life.  We're going to read the opening three chapters, which are then followed by numerous chapters of Job's "friends" giving their opinions on why he's suffering.  We'll skip those and pick up with God's response in chapter 38, then finish with Job's response in chapter 42.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Nothing really jumped out to me here.

- Verse 6 - This seems unusual to us, but one of Satan's main titles is "The Accuser."  He accuses us before God.
- Verses 6-12 - This can be troubling to read because it seems like Job is caught up as a pawn in this divine "bet."  Philip Yancey makes the great point that what's actually happening is not that Job is being mistreated by being used by God as a pawn, but rather that he's being honored by God by being His fighter in this battle.  God is "betting" His reputation on Job's faithfulness.

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