Sunday, July 30, 2023

60IN60 Day 28 - Sun Jul 30

It's Day 28 and we're in 1 Samuel 24.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 6 - This is a strange action.  I'm not totally sure what to do with it, but one thing it points me toward is that David had a very strong belief in trusting that God would fight for him and that he should trust His timing.

- Verses 6, 12 - Why didn't David kill Saul when he had the chance?  David apparently believed that only God should take the life of His anointed king.  Even though David knows he is God's chosen to be the next king of Israel, he also feels that the timing of the end of Saul's reign is up to God.
- Verse 8 - To do this David was either confident in God's protection (knowing that God has chosen him to eventually be the next king) or was desperate and tired of running from the law.
- Verses 16-21 - Saul repents, but we know that his future behavior will repeat the same mistakes.

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