Wednesday, August 9, 2023

60IN60 Day 38 - Wed Aug 9

It's Day 38 and we're in Lamentations 1.

This is a book focused on the sadness over what was going on in Israel then. The people's sins had led to God's judgment in allowing a foreign nation to come in and conquer Israel. Although it's sad to read, I'm glad the Bible reflects real life: the times of joy and the seasons of sorrow.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 20 - Sometimes we bring those problems on ourselves and yet are quick to blame God.

- Verse 2 - "lovers" - He is using that as an analogy of the ways that Israel has gone after other gods - a type of spiritual adultery.
- Verse 8b-9a - This is a sexual analogy - that Israel was like a promiscuous woman out sleeping with other men. Again, a spiritual adultery analogy.

If you want to read the chapter online, here's a link.

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