Tuesday, April 23, 2024

60IN60 Day 51 - Tues Apr 23

It's Day 51 and we're in Luke 20.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verses 46-47 - I do not want to be a hypocrite, with only an outward appearance of faith.

- Verses 6-7 - They wanted to accuse Jesus, but also did not want to lose the support of the people.
- Verses 9-16 - This is directed at the Jewish leaders, who are rejecting the messengers that God is sending and are therefore facing judgment.
- Verses 17-18 - Jesus is that chief cornerstone rejected by the Jewish leaders.  In rejecting Him, they will be crushed.
- Verses 22-23 - If Jesus just says, "Pay the taxes," they'll accuse Him of being a patsy for Rome.  If He says, "Don't pay the taxes," they'll report Him to the Romans as a rebel.
- Verse 28 - It seems strange to us today since we exclusively marry for romantic love, but this was fairly common in the ancient world.
- Verses 41-44 - This is an obscure puzzle.  Jesus is saying that David speaks of someone who was coming after him, yet referring to him as Lord.  Normally, the ancestor (in this case, David) would get the more respectful title.  Why did David do that?  Because the one coming after him was none less than the Son of God.

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