Tuesday, January 31, 2017

60IN60 Day 30 - Tues Jan 31

It's Day 30 and we're in Matthew 23.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 12 - We have to humble ourselves in obedience and believe that He will use us powerfully once we're more mature in Christ.

- Verse 4 - This means that they were laying out teachings that were impossible for people to live out, making trying to follow God seem like a "heavy load."
- Verse 9 - My presumption here is that this has more to do with calling someone like a pastor your "father," since the whole chapter is about religious pride and hypocrisy. I don't think that it pertains to your Dad.
- Verse 13 - How were they doing this? Because they were sharing false teachings, when people would come to them to try to find the way to God, the instruction they were giving those people was actually keeping them away from God rather than opening the door to an abundant life in God.
- Verse 23 - They would tithe the spices they grew in their garden.
- Verse 25 - Jesus is using the analogy here of cleaning a cup. Like cleaning the outside of a cup but failing to clean the inside, the Pharisees were focusing on externals and ignoring what was on the inside.
- Verses 29-31 - Basically saying, you're condemning the Israelite leaders of old who condemned God's true prophets, but you're their descendants both in lineage and action.

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