Monday, December 7, 2020

60IN60 Day 36 - Mon Dec 7

It's Day 36 and we're in Luke 16.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 10 - Be faithful with what you've got now if you want Him to trust you with more.

- Verses 1-8 - This is an unusual parable.  The point is this: use what you control to accomplish your goal.  The manager used what he controlled (his master's wealth) to accomplish his goal (finding a job).  We are to use what we control (our money) to accomplish our goal (bringing people to Christ).  See verse 9.
- Verse 9 - This is the point of verses 1-8: use your money not on empty consumer purchases, but rather use as much of it as you can to point people to Christ so that you're heavenly homecoming will be joyous.
- Verse 16 - "forcing his way in" - The meaning is uncertain.  It likely just means that people were responding with enthusiasm to what had happened since John.
- Verse 18 - This is the basic teaching on divorce.  Jesus goes into more detail in other passages.
- Verse 23 - "in his bosom" - That's just a way to say "with Abraham."

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