Saturday, September 24, 2022

60IN60 Day 20 - Sat Sept 24

It's Day 20 and we're in Genesis 28.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verses 6-9 - There is something sad about Esau here trying to do what he thinks will please his parents.  It seems like he's always falling short.

- Verse 2, 9 - As mentioned before, back then it was fairly common to take your spouse from your extended family.  The fact that most lived in small tribes or small villages necessitated it.
- Verse 9 - Polygamy was common back then.

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Your Comments and Questions:
- "Genesis 26:7  -  I wonder if Isaac knew that his father had done this same thing ?  Had Isaac heard Abraham or Sarah talking about it ?  Did Isaac think it was ok to do because his father had done it ?  Or was it just a common thing for a man in this situation to do ?" - I think that is an interesting part of the story. I think your questions are all good ones and I'm not sure of the answers. The biggest thing I take away from it is that our children are likely to repeat the sins they see their parents doing, which is why we see such generational brokenness passed down.

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