Monday, January 23, 2023

60IN60 Day 22 - Mon Jan 23

It's Day 22 and we're in 1 Timothy 3.

One problem that regularly bothers me as I read is a wandering mind. A word in the text will make me think of something that I have to do that day and my mind is off to the races, leaving the Bible behind. I've found it helpful to have something near me that I can make a note on when that happens so I can write down that thing I need to do later and get back to concentrating on the reading in front of me.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verses 2-13 - As it lays out the requirements for being a pastor (overseer) and deacon, we need to remember that we need to be careful in choosing people for those roles.  I've seen too many situations where they were chosen with no thought to the Biblical requirements.

- Verse 1 - "Overseer" means pastor.

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Your Questions and Comments:
- "I Timothy 2:9 - I like to dress up for Sunday service. I don't work a job to wear dress clothes (and that's almost a thing of the past) and I don't have many occasions to 'dress up'. I like wearing nice jewelry that I have been gifted or inherited. It isn't to flaunt, nor do I feel like everyone should wear their 'Sunday best' to come to church. But, am I sending the wrong message ?  Do Christians give the impression that clothes worn to church are important ?

When I was in high school, my church hosted a youth rally. We invited our friends from school. Some of the girls said they couldn't come because they didn't own a dress (in the 70's if a girl went to church it was in a dress). So our church girls decided we would wear pants so our friends would be comfortable at the youth rally.  And then we got reprimanded by the youth leaders for wearing pants in the church. I know my thoughts on that incident - shame on the youth leaders.

I know why I dress the way I do for church, because that's the way I want to. But after 50 years, are Christians still sending the wrong message about dress ?  And wearing a dress doesn't always fit this Scripture; I've seen short, tight, low cut neckline dresses that are far from modest." - The issue you raise is one that is still a consideration for many thinking about coming to church: do I need to dress up? And, as you note, especially for women: do I need to wear a dress? There are a lot of facets to this question, but I will just limit myself to a couple comments. First and foremost, the most important thing about "getting ready for worship" is not getting our clothes right but getting our heart right. Sadly, many of us put more attention on our appearance than our heart. Second, I think it's easy to fall into legalism on this issue. You can only wear these kinds of clothes! No, I think you can only wear these kind of clothes! We need to remember that there is quite a bit left unsaid on this issue. (And, by the way, I agree with about the youth leaders.)

- "I Timothy 2:11 -  I have friends whose church will not allow a woman to teach a Sunday school class, VBS, or youth group with boys or young men in it. They separate the boys and girls so a woman will teach only girls. A very strict interpretation of this verse."

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