Saturday, January 26, 2013

60IN60 Day 20 - Sat Jan 26

It's Day 20 and we're in 1 Timothy 6.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verses 6-8 - How badly do we need to heed these words in the culture in which we live?  We have everything and we're still not content.

- Verses 1-2 - In other places, Paul advises slaves to get their freedom if they can, but he also puts a great emphasis on living out their faith even within their bonds.

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Questions From You:
- "After reading tonight's bible verse [1 Timothy 3], the standards for a deacon appear very strict in the early church. Please explain the Bible verse that speaks to the qualifications of a deacon stating that he should be a 'husband of one wife' and how does a women qualify to become a deacon in the modern church. Can a divorced man truly be a deacon or are they talking about polygamy?" - Let's take those in turn. 1. The standards are high.  One of the problems often today in churches is that in many churches the only thing that's considered from the list is the divorce question.  The larger qualifications need to be carefully considered before inviting someone to be a deacon.  It needs to be the most mature people within a church.  2. Concerning the "husband of one wife" (1 Timothy 3:12) comment, there have been a whole host of interpretations of that down through the years: a. It's about polygamy and it's saying he should not be in a multiple marriage; b. It's saying deacons should not have been divorced except for reasons allowed in the Bible; c. It's saying deacons should not have been divorced under any circumstances; d. It's saying single people should not be allowed to be deacons; e. And it gets more obscure from there.  3. Concerning women deacons, this is also a source of disagreement.  Some argue that the passage here presumes that the deacon is a male.  Others point out that there are references to deaconesses in the New Testament (with some presuming that's a separate role than deacon and some saying their female deacons).  4. Christians have disagreed on these issues for a long time and that's why different churches handle these issues differently.  "Let each be fully convinced in their own mind."

Your Comments On Previous Chapters:
- [From the Exodus chapters] "I hadn't thought about it previously, but I recently watched a special on TV about proving how all the plagues could be scientifically 'proven.'  'River ran red LIKE blood. But there is a common algae plume called the Red Tide. This makes the river, or any water, look red like blood. Why did this happen? The ash changes the PH level of the river allowing the algae to bloom.' You can find at least two more explanations (volcanoes and fish dying so the blood turns it red), but this only discusses the river, not wells, jars, or buckets. I wish I could go to the producers of the show and point that out to them to show them it really was a miracle and not all miracles can be explained with science...they're just miracles. "

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