Wednesday, July 13, 2022

60IN60 Day 10 - Wed Jul 13

It's Day 10 and we're in James 2.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 13 - A reminder of how important it is that we're merciful to those around us.

- Verses 9-11 - The analogy I often use is that sin is like standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon.  I can take a tiny step forward (i.e. one sin) or I can rare back and take a huge flying leap (i.e. many sins), but either way I end up at the bottom.
- Verse 12 - We have been given freedom by the death of Christ.  
- Verse 19 - The demons don't have saving faith in God, but they do know without question that there is one.  The issue is not believing in God - it's serving and following Him.
- Verse 24 - The point: what we do is the evidence of what we really believe.  Faith in name only is empty and worthless.  My actions show the proof of my words.

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