Saturday, May 27, 2023

60IN60 Day 27 - Sat May 27

It's Day 27 and we're in Luke 13.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 34 - Many times these days Christians complain (justifiably) about the moral state of America.  I wonder if our attitude should be more like this verse - pained longing, rather than our usual righteous finger-pointing.

- Verse 24 - This is not saying there are many who want to enter the Kingdom and have done everything they should have but God will not let them in.  Rather, it's saying there are many who will presume that they're ok with God only to have God confront them with the fact that they haven't done what God said was necessary to enter the Kingdom.  See Matthew 7:13-14 for a similar passage.  Those Matthew verses are then followed by a lot of talk about how essential it is to actually obey the teaching of Christ.  I think a similar idea is at play here: there are a lot of people who claim to love God, but who are not obeying the teaching of Christ in their lives.  They will "seek to enter" when they get to heaven, but "will not be able" because they didn't do what Jesus said to do.

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