Thursday, November 22, 2012

60IN60 Day 18 - Thurs Nov 22

It's Day 18 and we're in Genesis 42.

If you feel rushed as you read because you keep thinking of what you need to get done after you finish reading, it can be helpful to tell yourself, "I'm going to spend the next ten minutes reading this chapter.  If I get done early, I'll re-read.  If I don't get done because I'm thinking through some verses and don't get done, that's ok."

- Verse 4 - Again Jacob is playing favorites.  The Bible isn't condoning this as a good idea, just reporting what he did.
- Verses 7, 9 - Why does Joseph speak harshly and accuse them?  I think it's resentment and anger from how they treated him earlier.  I think Joseph is being mean-spirited here.
- Verses 16, 19 - Apparently over the three days (verse 18), Joseph calmed down a little and made a less harsh demand (compare verse 16 to verse 19).
- Verse 28 - They are blaming God even though He is not at fault.
- Verse 38 - Another moment when the Bible is reporting what happened but not condoning the action. Jacob essentially decides to leave one of his sons languishing in prison because he's unwilling to let Benjamin go to Egypt.  Not a proud moment.

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