Monday, November 12, 2012

60IN60 Day 8 - Mon Nov 12

It's Day 8 and we're in Ephesians 1.

It's easy with the change of schedule over the weekend to miss a day or two.  Don't get dejected.  Just leave behind what you missed and pick up with today's reading.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 18 - Open the eyes of my heart.
- Verse 19 - Show me the "surpassing greatness of Your power."

- Verse 5 - "predestined" - We hold in one hand the fact that God has given us free will and in the other that He ultimately knows everything.

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Questions You Have From Previous Chapters:
- Matthew 21 - "Why was Jesus so harsh/angry in vs. 19? Do you think this also applies to us if we bear no fruit?" - That's a great question.  It's clearer in Mark's version of the story, but essentially it's this: Jesus is rejecting the Temple system (verses 12-17) because it has been unfruitful (i.e. it wasn't producing the goodness God desired and was in fact producing corruption).  The fig tree (which is also unfruitful) is symbolic of the Temple.  Jesus curses the fig tree as a picture of the fact that He is rejecting the Temple system because it's unfruitful.
- Matthew 21 - "your thoughts about vs. 43,44?" - Verse 43 goes with what I just said above: the Kingdom is being taken away from the Jews in charge of the Temple system and is being given to the church.  Verse 44 is a little tougher.  The simplest way to take it is as basically saying this: if you mess with this Chief Cornerstone (i.e. Jesus), you're going to get crushed.

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