Sunday, December 2, 2012

60IN60 Day 28 - Sun Dec 2

It's Day 28 and we're in Matthew 22.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verses 23-28 - They were so confident in their little argument, but they were way off base.  It's a reminder to me to be humble in what I know.

- Verse 7 - In this analogy, this would be the disobedient nation of Israel.
- Verses 11-13 - Just because the offer to come has been given (i.e. the offer to be saved) doesn't mean that we can just live any way we want to.  We need to be "clothed" with the changed lives Jesus has given us.
- Verse 14 - This is an odd choice to end the parable.  One thing that helps me: I don't think here He means "called" as in the sense of "called to preach" or "called to serve" but in the sense of "invited."
- Verse 17 - It's the Pharisees and the Herodians (verses 15-16) that come to Him.  It's a trap.  If He says, "Don't pay the taxes," then the Herodians (who were in league with Roman government) would turn Jesus into the Romans as inciting rebellion.  If He said, "Do pay the taxes," then the Pharisees (who hated the Roman occupation) would tell the people that Jesus was a Roman patsy.  These two groups normally hated each other, but were drawn together by their greater mutual hatred of Jesus.
- Verses 41-45 - This is confusing.  The gist of it: David calls the coming Messiah "Lord" even though, being David's descendent, David should receive the honor of being called "Lord" from him.  Why does David do this?  Because the coming Messiah is no mere human descendant of David's who owes David praise - it's the Son of God Himself, who deserves for the great David to call Him "Lord."

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