Saturday, February 16, 2013

60IN60 Day 41 - Sat Feb 16

It's Day 41 and we're in 2 Timothy 1.
Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 7 - "power and love and discipline" - That's what the Christian life should look like.
- Verse 6 - Some spiritual gifts are given at the moment of salvation.  Others can happen at special times, such as the laying on of hands.
- Verse 10 - "abolished death" - He has abolished spiritual death.
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Where God Spoke To You:
- Exodus 17:12 - "What a great story. I don't recall ever reading that. Great lesson in teamwork and supporting our brothers/sisters for the Call."
- "My cousin, who is rather an odd duck and has a strange way of looking at things, said he had thought and thought about what sin a parent could commit that would be imposed on the children for generations to come. The answer he came up with was a failure to raise them in a Godly home and teach them the way of the Lord. Makes sense to me."

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