Thursday, April 4, 2013

60IN60 Day 32 - Thurs Apr 4

It's Day 32 and we're in Mark 10.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 21 - Jesus doesn't challenge him because he wants to see him fail.  He loves him and his heart for God, but wants him to give all he has.

- Verse 18 - It's not that Jesus isn't good.  The man is not speaking to Jesus presuming He is God, so Jesus is telling him that only God is truly good.  No human teacher is on his own.
- Verses 23-24 - The presumption was that riches were a blessing from God and a sign of God's favor, so it shocks the disciples to hear Jesus say that the rich would have great trouble entering the Kingdom.
- Verses 25-27 - This is not saying that it's impossible for a rich man to enter the Kingdom, only that it is very difficult.
- Verse 30 - This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  The "hundred-fold" we receive is not usually financial, but things that are deeper and more meaningful.

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Your Comments:
- "My question is, have you ever read in history or have any idea how old Job was when he died? Seems trivial I guess with all the information in the book, but after his first children died, he had a second set of children and lived to see 4 generations.  One scripture said he lived 140 years, but that does not really add up.  Bill thinks he was much older and the scripture meant he lived 140 years after the early testing by Satan." - I do not recall reading that total age anywhere.  My cursory reading of Job 42:16 leads me to think he lived 140 years after the second group of children were grown.
- From Job 2: "I think you answered my question.  After reading the chapter, I wondered how they could sit still and be silent.  Surely they had questions as to whether Job was evil or why this was happening to him.  But sitting still and being there was the right thing to do.  And that leads me to this - how often I should be still."

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