Sunday, December 1, 2013

60IN60 Day 28 - Sun Dec 1

It's Day 28 and we're in John 13.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 22 - In each of them wondering if they were the one that would betray, it reveals that each of us knows that we have a weak place within us where we're capable of terrible things.

- Verse 23 - Back in Jesus' day, you didn't sit in a chair at a table but instead you reclined, leaning on one of your arms at the low table.
- Verse 34 - It's not a new thing for God to command His people to love each other, but it's a new thing for Him to command us to love each other with the sacrificial love that Jesus had.

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Your Comments:

- John 10:10. I've always been frustrated by prosperity gospel pastors who use this verse as an excuse/permission to live an excessively lavish lifestyle...and claim that is what God wants for all of us if we just pray hard enough. I learned several years ago that there are two Greek words for "abundance". One means material and one means spiritual. The one used in this verse is spiritual.
- Verse 34. I don't find it obscure. The Pharisees thought they knew "it all," and they were as close to perfection as humans could get. I think in Psalm 82:1, 5, & 6, Asaph is telling the listener that they think they know everything, when in fact, they know nothing. In verse 34, Jesus is referring to 82:6 and telling the Pharisees the same thing. "You all think you're gods, when in fact, you apparently couldn't recognize God if He was standing in front of you." :-)

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