Thursday, December 12, 2013

60IN60 Day 39 - Thurs Dec 12

It's Day 39 and we're in Daniel 5.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 27 - What a horrible thing to have God say directly to you: I have looked at your life and found it lacking.  Live so that won't be said of you.

- Verses 11, 14 - "spirit of the holy gods" - As I mentioned yesterday, that is the way that this person understand Daniel's abilities.  In fact, of course, there is only one true God.
- Verse 23 - Bringing out the items from the Jewish Temple was pretty provocative.  "Don't poke the bear."

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Your Questions:

"We are debating over the verse in Daniel over the expression  "the Son of God". I guess this is a hot topic among the King James only folks. The other interpretations use either the term "a son of God or sons of God". I argued that if someone was arguing that he saw Jesus, how would a pagan king know who Jesus was, my bible states that he was referring to an angel in the comments. What is your take on this verse and the arguments about the different translations and beliefs?" - It is not definite that it was a pre-Incarnate manifestation of Jesus in the fire, although that would make sense in a number of ways.  It could have been an angel of the Lord and that doesn't take anything away from the fact that God delivered them miraculously.  A helpful comment on the question of singular versus plural:  
"After his officials confirmed the king's impression that only three men had been thrown into the furnace, he described the fourth one resembling deity--i.e., "like a son of gods" (wereweh di rebiaya da-meh lebar- elahin, lit., "and the appearance of the fourth resembles a son of gods"). Pagan that he was, Nebuchadnezzar probably meant the plural absolute ending In as an indefinite plural rather than equivalent to the Hebrew elohim (which is often taken as a singular, when referring to the one true God)."

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