Thursday, December 19, 2013

60IN60 Day 46 - Thurs Dec 19

It's Day 46 and we're in John 20.

Where God Spoke To Me:
- Verse 17 - This is the change that has happened by Christ's death and resurrection: God can now be "my God."  Before, I was kept away from Him by my sins, but now through Christ there is a path to Him.

- Verse 23 - This is an amazing statement.  It's part of our mission: as we proclaim the hope of Christ with the authority of Christ, when someone says, "I want Jesus" and we say, "You're forgiven through Jesus," that's true.  Same thing when someone rejects Him.

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Your Questions:

- "Verse 22: Do you think Pilate believed Jesus was the Messiah?" - I don't think that Pilate believed in Jesus in any sense of a saving faith, but I do think the behavior of Jesus and the warnings from his wife led him to be seriously unsettled about Jesus.  In the end, though, his power was more important to him than any thoughts of Jesus actually being the Messiah.
- "Verse 27: Which Mary was John's mother? The disciple John isn't the John who is Jesus' brother is he?" -What's referred to in verse 27 is Mary the mother of Jesus being taken into John's home.  The disciple John was not related to Jesus.

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